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We work with teams, individuals, companies and organizations to foster innovative practices, services and products.

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Flexible & Mobile – we engage with local communities to identify and develop talent in an appropriate manner.
Dedicated & Responsive – we assist in building ventures of all sizes on regional, national, and international levels.
Collaborative & Open – We grow synergies with select partners to optimize results.
Start a new business, optimize a concept, connect with investors, or build a more innovative culture. Working with us you can expect a dedicated synergy that focuses on your goals.
  • New Business Acceleration

    StageOne Pre-Accelerator is an intense, practice-based program for pre-seed stage startups & lifestyle businesses, taking you from ‘idea’ to ‘demo-day’ in 10 weeks, with a follow-on phase for qualifying teams.

  • StageOne48 Bootcamp

    Presented in a 2-day workshop for groups or organizations, compressing all the elements of an acceleration program into one weekend. The bootcamp can be run with anywhere from 10-200 participants.

  • Corporate Acceleration

    StageOne corporate delivers a custom-designed internal program for companies wishing to derive new products & spin-outs, implement innovative methodologies, or push their key competencies in new directions.

  • Re-daption: for Existing Businesses

    Business re-dapting takes an organic approach to analyzing your organization or business’s structure and goals. We look at your past, present and future so you can chart a course based on new goals and strategic insights, while unlocking and re-activating your organization’s creative potential and hidden idea capital.

  • Coaching & Investor Readiness

    Coaching is an in-depth process of regular, structured advising that enables individuals or teams to understand challenges, clarify their objectives and implement appropriate strategies. Different from mentoring, business coaching focuses on identifying the factors which contribute to - or impede - progress, and then securing the necessary steps to move forward. (add the text from Investor readiness)

  • Mentors'Mix

    Our new initiative dedicated to improving the practice of coaching & mentoring. The platform connects mentors to individuals and teams, and our events and workshops provide a forum for leveraging and sharing knowledge and experience. We believe in a collective framework for creating opportunities and structures to help the entrepreneurial landscape mature.

We have extensive experience in Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, IT, Business, Finance, Communications, and Design – but we have learned that the most important experience to consider is that of our clients: why they come to us, and what we can help them achieve.

Argyris Spyridis

Founder, Business Coach

Adriane Thrash

Founder, Business Coach

Vivi Gourka

Founder, Business Coach

Associates & Advisors

Our network of experts, program leaders, advisors and associates.<

  • 2015
  • “Ict2b Finals”

    Coaching start-up teams in Chalkidiki Greece

    June 2015
  • “Thessaloniki InnoHub2”

    Innovation Farm supports “Thessaloniki InnoHub” as Program Advisors and Coaches

    April 2015
  • “Ict2b venture academy”

    Coaching start-up teams in Seeheim Germany

    February 2015
  • “Stageone Accelerator”

    Sesson 3 begins set Ksanthi and Veria

    Janury 2015
  • 2014
  • “Stageone48"

    2biz or not 2 biz two day bootcamp

    October 2014
  • “Thessaloniki InnoHub”

    Innovation Farm supports “Thessaloniki InnoHub” as Program Advisors and Coaches

    July 2014
  • StageOne Corporate

    The first Corporate Acceleration program in SE Europe starts at Prisma Electronics

    July 2014
  • StageOne48

    Bootcamp completed in 3 cities

    July 2014
  • “Mentors Mix”

    runs first workshop for Mentors and Coaches

    June 2014
  • “StageOne Pre Seed Accelerator-Season 2”

    expands to two more cities Drama & Alexandroupoli (+ Thessaloniki)

    June 2014
  • 2013
  • StageOne Pre-seed pilot runs

    the first acceleration program in Northern Greece: 14 teams admitted, 8 ‘graduated’ the pilot program

    June 2013
  • First synergies formed

    Microsoft BizSpark, PJTech Catalyst fund

    June 2013
  • 2009
  • InnovationFarm formed in Thessaloniki

    We've been engaging, building and growing ever since...

    June 2009

Jannos Eolou


Innovation Farm has been sincerely helping us focus to our targets from getting funded to our ‘go to markets’ strategy without the usual hassle of ‘consultants’ all along. We have only good things to say about you guys!

Dimitris Hatzimihail

Founder Ad on Board

Innovation Farm showed us the correct steps to follow, and in the right order, as we developed our entrepreneurial concept and plan. They guided us with patience and humor throughout the whole process.

Tasos Moutzouris

Founder, CEO EPY Systems

The Innovation Farm team is one-of-a-kind. They are experienced, and always ready to share the pain” of new entrepreneurs on the rough road to success. I add my personal thanks for the endless help and valuable perspectives they have given to our efforts.

Vasilis Kratidis

Founder, CEO Mathemagenesis.com

You are experienced and innovative professionals with a deep knowledge of the market and “the street. Our cooperation under the auspices of the AZK Innohub was one-of-a-kind and brought real results. Looking forward to our next opportunity to work together again!

Dimitris Madiliotis

Founder Symbiosis

It has been a great learning experience! As a team of technical backgrounders, we went from having a pretty much... non existent business understanding, to having a good one in a matter of some weeks.

Andreas Stokas

Founder Salon DFS

When I met the Innovation Farm team, I was at the verge to quit my project (SalonDFS) struggling really hard for more than 2 years to realize the fundamentals of a startup. They initially helped me to become more extroverted. They effectively introduce me to the startup community in the Balkans and helped me to participate at conferences and competitions. These guys are practical and passionate about their vision: To help restless people build their dreams.

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